Sunday, July 30, 2017

Found New Confidence

When you have been away from the ice like I have, whether it's 2 months or 1 year, it's not easy.  For whatever reason (financial, health, injury) you will lose confidence in your skating and it will take time to get it back.

My confidence and fear with spins were something I could not break...always had the fear of falling and cracking my head open or break a bone, seriously!  I always took the easy route; practice spins that I was good with (sit spins) and put the others on the back burner (forward scratch and back spins).  But now that I have to gear up to test, I had to face the music and hit that backspin with a new perspective.
I've been back on the ice now for a good month consistently with lessons and with a new coach and I have to say that my skating has improved as well my spins.  I finally got to skate my forward scratch spin with foot crossed, but as always it's a hit or miss.....much for improvement, it will get there. 

Finally I found new confidence and it feels wonderful.  My skating is a working progress, I will have my good days and bad....but most importantly, I will not give up on myself!!
 "I can do this"
I Love Skating

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