Sunday, October 11, 2015

Its Been A While

Hello everyone!!

I know its been a long while since I posted anything.

Well to be honest I haven't been skating since June - busy with work (health issues) and can't afford to skate or hire coach which is very hard to deal with....but as many have told me "the ice will be there when you are ready to come back"

I have sustained a shoulder injury (non-skating related) that has prevented me from skating.  Doctors say that most likely will need surgery and physical therapy.  Its is recommended that I stay off the ice to reduce any injury to my shoulder.  Really I mostly scared to fall on the ice and land on my right side (shoulder) but I am really considering to just to and skate around the rink to let the cold wind hit my face :)

I've tried to do some off ice at home but really its too painful, for example: when I do a simple loop jump, just by using my set and take off position, my shoulder is severe pain - so now that is a NO  for me.  I did try to get on my spinner and the same thing, using my shoulder and right arm is painful as well.

        SUCH AS :(  I am going bunkers not being able to skate.  :(

This definitely puts a damper on my goals for next year.  Keep a positive outlook that after my surgery I can recuperate and just try and works slowing towards my skating.  Thank you every one for keeping in touch and pray for me that all goes well.

Ice will be there waiting for me!!

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Skating Lesson After a 3 Month Absence

Hello, everyone!!

Yes, its been a while since posted anything really.  With great thought and soul searching, my journey continues as an adult skater.  Though the road is rough and long, I think I still have a little fuel left in me to keep going.

Thursday, April 30, 2015
Had my first lesson in 3 months and I must say - in all sincerity, I was very nervous, had butterflies in stomach and sweaty hands maybe because I did not know what to expect or if I even had it in me. Coach skated with me around the rink and worked on some dance steps and edges to get the ice under me.

We spoke briefly about my goals this skating season, and told her that I really would like to compete at Adult Nationals in Vegas ISI - that is,  and would like test my bronze free skate in August. Well, she was delighted 1. that I am back skating 2. that I have solid goal to work on.

Worked on some creative edges and dance steps, some cross overs with nice edge presentation!!   She wanted to see my spins (sit spin) of course, and bammm - and really nice sit spin, low and several revolutions...woot, woot!!  "let me see your jumps"?
first one
waltz/loop = ok, could be better- hold the edge longer the jump the loop
Sal/toe = very nice
loop = needs work
Flip = clean (rotated) just have to work on check out
Waltz/fallingleaf = I've done them before but not in combination

Next week we will work on the lutz jump, since coach saw my flip - its time to move onto the Lutz (yes!!!)  Well considering my first day back didn't do so bad - it will get better with more practice and patience.
Happy Skating!!

Monday, March 30, 2015

Still on the fence...continue skating?

Its been quite sometime, that I've posted anything on my blog.  Just so much has happen these past couple of months, with my hubby and his heart attack and triple bypass and my 4 biopsy for uterine cancer (which all came back negative) thank goodness - but down the road I will need surgery.

I had to put skating on hold and focus on the family and my business.  Trying to make ends meet with 2 jobs (weddings, and real estate) its just tough right now.  But by the grace of God, our family is surviving to say the least.  God only knows what is best for us and that is for sure!!

So, I am on the fence to continue with my passion and skating, I have so many dreams and goals but I am having second thoughts - not because I am scared or fear but just thought of not reaching my potential.  I want to pass my bronze test and I am worried "if I don't pass this time around"(again) and I really want to go to Vegas for Nationals in October (which I want to go) but then again its the $$$, coaching, ice time etc.   Its just so frustrating, I need more ice time to get in and work on my free skate test but its just not happening.   Its a tough decision and I really need your help - appreciated any suggestions, and advice you all can give me!!

Happy Skating!!

Friday, December 26, 2014

My 2014 Figure Skating Recap

Figure Skating Recap 2014

I don't know even where to start.  I can't believe that its the end of the year it just seems like yesterday. What a heck of a year it has been for many ups and downs, injuries and health, finance and much more.

Well, I tested my bronze free skate back in February and it was not a pass, it was a hard pill to swallow, but I surpassed my expectations and competed in April at my very first USFS competition "Florida Open Championship" at my rink, where I came in 3rd place, I did skate up a level to adult bronze free skate.  I competed against really good skaters but form me, I felt I skated my best and that's what really matters. This competition was a learning experience like every competition I compete in.  For me, it was not about the medal or how I placed, just wanted to prove to myself that I can do it and I did.

During the summer I trained hard and focused on what the judges told me to work on.  Managed to get my sit spin to parallel and lower position.  Knee injury, set me back a while but got some exercises to strengthen it to a point that i can skate.

Traveled to California in August with my daughter where she and her team competed Nationals Showcase and came in 4th Place.  It was down hill for me, health wise and financially.  I suffered an injury and my health was deteriorating, had to take time off from skating, soon after my hubby suffered a heart attack and had to under go heart surgery (in October) and a triple bypass.  Had to be strong for my family and 2 daughters - I had to hold down the fort, work two jobs, go to hospital take care of hubby etc..  But by the grace of God all is well and he is doing GREAT.

As of today, I am back skating (not as much as I want) but I am happy to skate and begin focusing on what I have achieved and keep training.  So grateful for every chance I get to skate.  I am hopeful that 2015 will be a great year and that my perspective in skating and goals will be much clearer and precise.  As I've mentioned before in past posts "no expectations"  I will go into 2015 with "no expectations" just live day by day, be thankful for all I have and what I've achieved.  That with good health and a clear mind all is possible.

Happy Skating - Healthy and Prosperous New Year!!! 

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

I am technically ready but my free skate program is not "test ready".

Since my last Bronze free skate test back in February 2014, I vowed to work hard and get my spins to test level worthy.  Summer focused on my skills and changed my free skate music which was a bit challenging. Then had to travel with my daughter to CA for National Showcase.  Due to health, finances and work put a strain on my skating and had to stop skating for a 2 months. It was hard those months I did not skate but had to take care of me first and family.

I came back to skating a week ago and mentioned to my coach that I would like to test in November her response was not what I expected but I had a sense that it was not going to be good.  Well, she mentioned to me that my program is not test ready due to my absence and which I agree...its tough to get back and only have a few weeks to get it ready...its just not going to happen.

So, its a tough pill to swallow, however, I will continue to work on my skating and program and will see what happens this season.  My dream for USFSA Adult Nationals 2015 is out the door, again!!! 

Don't forget that I am a Open Silver skater with ISI and I can always go back to ISI and work on my level FS 5.  So, going to compete locally and become a stronger skater.  USFSA Testing is costly indeed, stressful and it does not define who I am as a skater, however, I will test again when I am ready!!

The lesson here is:  We can set our goals and work towards them, but we have no control of the future and what is in store for us, just have to accept it and take it as a positive moving forward.

Happy Skating

Monday, September 29, 2014

Back On Track

I've been away for 2 months and skating was not in my agenda. With life, you are not ready for what ever is in-store for you....and for me I had to deal with my health, that I rather not discuss it here.  I do thank my loving family for their support and my skating peeps who was there for me through tough times.  I am very blessed!!!

I decided to skate today and just give it a shot!  As I mentioned in my past posts when I skate - I go with the mind-set of the "no expectations" this way I do not set myself for failure.  

Today's Skate:
So, I decided to skate my silver moves first to get the feel and get warmed up.  Felt a little timid at first but then managed to skate with more confidence.  Built up the courage to skate a run through of my free skate in 3 parts without music and no jumps (trying to play it safe).  I then, however, took the chance to skate my program with jumps.  Have to say that my second run through was way better and my jumps were clean as well my back spin - it felt great (5 revs) I did not skate my sitspin since I just got back from a long break.  

Its time to get back on track!!!

What I take from this?
Its been a tough journey and I am learning to live my life with its imperfections. Its a joy to just skate and feel the ice again. I have a new journey and skating will lessen my pain.

Happy Skating!!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Testing without my coach

Well, its been a while...but I am back!!

But I've been working a lot and skating trying to get my self ready for testing coming up soon.  Since my last test, its been a hard road for me.  I've gotten my sit spin to a decent level and hoping that the judge(s) will appreciate it that.  I've gotten stronger on my jumps the only thing is my back spin its a been a hit and miss for me.  Since, I got new skates and blades my spins are kinda off lately.

Hoping for the best this time around....but to find out last week that my coach will be leaving on vacation and will not be able to coach me 1 week before the test session and the day of testing.  Which means, I will have to hire a coach who will give me lessons the week before testing and be there with me during the test session.  I would put myself on by myself but rules you have to have a coach to make sure and re-skates etc. takes place.

I was considering not testing, but then I would be really pushing it in November because that's the last test session for the year.  I've trained all summer and I feel confident and I focused on what the judge told me needed work on and I did !!  I am curious to what happens this time around, no one knows and I have no control of my performance that day and all I can do is skate my best.  In the mean time I will just practice go with the flow!!

Oh Well, Hoping For The Best and Hope I Pass My Bronze Free Skate!!!
Happy Skating