Saturday, November 11, 2017

Its Flippin Time Again

After Adult Champs, I decided to get in gear and work on my FLIP jumps again, and focus on getting stronger and cleaner jumps.  I've put that jump in the back burner for a long time, and now its time to re-gain back my muscle memory and back to basics.

Its funny, the jump(s) we dislike or hardly ever practiced, same goes with my spins...I tend to work on elements that I feel comfortable doing and later for the rest...haha, but sooner or later it will come back and bite you in the ____!!

  • DONT rush the jump (my first problem)
  • Strong knee bend on the 3 turn (right arm back)
  • Hold the edge (this is where I have issue) hint; think of it like your doing a salcow
  • PIVOT motion when toe pick hits the ice and ready to take off
  • Keep free leg in front!! (my nemesis)
  • Land it, toe, edge and glide
When I compare my flip from like 2 years ago and today, I can see big improvement.  Since competition I've been practicing and I must say I like the results, few more practices and eventually I would like to put the flip jump back in my programs!!  My most recent video this week.


Monday, October 30, 2017

2017 Orlando ISI Adult Championships Re-cap

What an amazing weekend at the 2017 ISI Adult Championships!! I have no words to say how happy I was to meet, skate with such amazing skaters.  The support and unity from the adult skating community is overwhelming and I will cherish for ever.  I am truly blessed to have had this opportunity to skate amongst the very best skaters.  I finally got to meet my dearest friends from facebook, near and far...what a joyous experience.

I am so proud of  ALL RDV Adult Skaters who 
skated so well...y'all truly represent!!
#rdvsportsplexiceden #adultchamps

Competition recap: Open Silver FS 4-FS5
It was a tough week for me with work and didn't even get to practice my programs not even once!!  I told myself, I will just have to go out there and give IT my best shot.   I really thought about scratching for the mear fact that I knew deep down I was not going to place well.....but I suck it up and said "skate for you and nobody else, and it's not about the medal but the experience"
Artistic Program: Short Program
Phantom of the Opera "Music Of The Night"
I enjoyed this program so much, even though I was tied 5th place out of 6 in our group, for me it was "GOLDEN"
View Video:

Open Freestyle:  Long program:
Scent of a Woman "Por Una Cabeza"
Deep down inside I knew my long program was not up to level, but I just wanted to put it out there and skate it no matter what.  During my warm-up I took a bad fall and hurt both knees and landed flat on my chest and stomach!! It happen so fast that it knocked the wind out of me....pretty sure you all know the "toe pick" demon dive or aka "superman dive"  I heard my daughter and Saundra yell "get up, get up...its got this"  and sure enough I got up and skated (pained and bruised) and did it!! Enjoyed every minute of my program AND I ROCKED IT!!

View Video:
I placed 6th overall.....I felt like crying when I saw my name at the bottom (this is a first for me) :(  I knew why I placed 6th and I am humbled with my results.  I two footed the landing on my loop jump and my backspin was MIA dratz!!

Special Thanks:
A special thank  you to my coach Kristen, for coaching me and who got me ready for this competition in such a short time!!  Thank you to all the coaches, volunteers and judges for their time and dedication to this sport.  Thank you to RDV SPORTSPLEX ICE DEN FOR HOSTING THIS AMAZING EVENT!!!

We all think back after every competition, when it's over....I should have done this, I could have changed this, but next time I WILL SKATE even BETTER!!  


Thursday, October 12, 2017

15 Days Until 2017 ISI Adult National Championships


It's crazy but it's finally here, throughout the many years I've been an ISI member, adult nationals always held in other States, many times in Vegas, but this year it's in Florida and at my home rink...Yeah!!!

Open Silver Program Dress
My dream was to compete one day at ANC, and now I got my chance.  I can't say that I've train all season because I haven't, do to finance and health reasons.  I started taking lessons again and with a new coach back in August consistently which has worked so well for me.  Together we worked hard getting my jumps, skills and performance to competition ready program...I am so happy!!

I've decided to skate my open silver level to my USFSA free skate music and program since I already have it same goes with my artistic.  I feel ready, not nervous, "it is what it is" I want to go out there skate my best, enjoy the experience and see all my friends from other states near and far!!

Wish me luck!!

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Found New Confidence

When you have been away from the ice like I have, whether it's 2 months or 1 year, it's not easy.  For whatever reason (financial, health, injury) you will lose confidence in your skating and it will take time to get it back.

My confidence and fear with spins were something I could not break...always had the fear of falling and cracking my head open or break a bone, seriously!  I always took the easy route; practice spins that I was good with (sit spins) and put the others on the back burner (forward scratch and back spins).  But now that I have to gear up to test, I had to face the music and hit that backspin with a new perspective.
I've been back on the ice now for a good month consistently with lessons and with a new coach and I have to say that my skating has improved as well my spins.  I finally got to skate my forward scratch spin with foot crossed, but as always it's a hit or miss.....much for improvement, it will get there. 

Finally I found new confidence and it feels wonderful.  My skating is a working progress, I will have my good days and bad....but most importantly, I will not give up on myself!!
 "I can do this"
I Love Skating

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Hiring A New Coach

Hey Everyone!!
I was thinking a while back that I should go up North and take a training class this summer.  But I decided to save my money (that I would have spent on coaches, airfare, hotel and food) and just hire a coach here (I am still keeping my old) to help me with my program and elements. Many skaters have 2 coaches - it is costly, but you have to find a balance as well as both coaches have to work together.

When you have to make a tough decision like keeping your coach but still hire another one, it is best to be upfront with your coach, let him or her know; what are your goals, thoughts what you want to do, same time be honest and truthful.

It's okay to feel guilty...I did too but I have an amazing and understanding coach - she's the best!!  My new coach is great and tough at the same time in a very good way, she coached my daughter for many years and got her to the level she is today.  I am so excited and I can't wait to get started.  

This new addition has given me the FIRE IN MY BELLY" I've been missing for a long time!!  I feel deep down "I made the right decision"

Happy Skating 

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Sense Of Normalcy

Hey everyone!!!  I finally got a chance to skate this week...feeling a "sense of normalcy" FINALLY.  It felt so good to be back on the ice again.  I did not push myself too hard, but did manage to skate my program and work on jumps and spins.

Overall considering I've been away for so long (2 mo) it was a great skate.

Elements to work on: (before testing)
back scratch spin:  stay over the right and cross foot
flip jump: hold edge and pivot take off
loop jump: check out after landing
sit spin: stay centered and lower

Here is my video from this week!  I still have much to work on but with practice, I will get there!!

Thanks for reading......Happy Skating!!

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Decisions, Decisions

Been debating and it all comes down to "decisions, decisions"...making the decision whether or not to test March 12th.  All my skating peeps encourage me and know my abilities. This means so much to me and always appreciate their advice....they all think that I should go for it!!

After last weeks competition, I had some time to think and discussed it with my coach - test session is coming up in 2 weeks (YIKES).  However, I do have some reservations, and my coach feels - it is best that I should test my free skate in May which gives me much more time to practice and focus on my weakest elements (SPINS, I hate them) and put out a nice clean program that the judges will appreciate.

In all honesty, there is no rush for me to test, because I really want to compete at ADULT NATIONALS 2018....and deep down....."Diana, when you are ready, you will test for you and nobody else"

So, the to test in May!!  These are decisions, all skaters have to face and/or ask themselves.  It's all part of the sport and we all have family, personal lives that have more priority.  Ice will always be there waiting for us!!