Monday, February 1, 2016

Practice Today

Decided to skate today and put in some practice now that my shoulder is getting better slowly.  I have to skate so I don't go crazy in my head.  Somehow skating makes everything feel better until you get off the ice its like it numbs you lol.

I've been skating like once a week and just working on elements that don't irritate my shoulder - like working on my toe loop and salcows but I decided today to really hit the ice and work on my flip jump.  I haven't skated this jump since last summer so now its all new to me and the muscle memory is gone!!!

This is my video from today's practice - I know it needs a lot of work especially my free leg needs to be more in the loop position.  I really hate this jump, and to think last year I had a solid and decent flip jump.  Now I have to start from scratch - oh well....practice its.

I am so happy to be on the ice and getting my stress release. Thank you guys for reading and supporting me.  
Happy Skating

Thursday, January 14, 2016

My first skate for 2016

Hello everyone, hope all of  you are doing well and had a great new year!! Its been a while since I posted, but now I am back in the hang of things and its looking good.

Skated Wednesday, January 13, 2016
Well, I decided to give a shot and skate, but let me tell you!! that rink was so cold!! I said to  myself let me put on two layers of clothing and still I felt the cold.
I did, however, manage to skate pretty well considering I've been away from the ice for quite sometime - on and off.  At first I was timid, but as I skated around felt my blades (newly sharpened) smooth with no sound, wow what a feeling.

How funny, my spins (backspins and sit spins) I can use more practice so I can have more control of the spin.  Jumps were effy since my shoulder hasnt completely healed.  Loop jumps were a bit challenging because of my right side shoulder tends to hurt as I set for the jump.  Flip jumps were good felt like I went around, but not enough height....yuke.

Overall, I enjoyed my skate and looking forward to lessons soon with my coach.  With my change in careers and work, now I can dedicate more time or (some time) during my work week to skating and lessons.

Goals 2016
1. Get stronger in my elements and jumps
2. Test my bronze free skate
3. Compete in a local competition.
4. End of the year gold is to train for 2017 Adult Nationals

Well, happy skating everyone!! Love to hear from all of you fabulous skaters!!

Friday, November 20, 2015

Loop jump "finally clicked"

I had a practice session today, and my coach had some free time to watch me skate and helped me out.  Did work on spins and jumps (which coach was very pleased) they were good considering my absence. Coach was surprised and happy with my back spin and my loop jump :) flip is not in the picture because of my shoulder issue.

       Here's the thing.....
Maybe its me but some how, I know in my head I can do this jump from a traditional entry (back cross overs back edge set and jump) but when I get on the ice its a whole different ball game - not sure if its mental block but it seems when I am on that back edge my timing and my thought process is not clicking.

When I tested my bronze fs (which all my jumps passed) I did my loop jump from an forward inside 3 turn entry and I like this entry because 1. it does not put a strain on my back, 2. I can control my entry and take off, however, as time has passed, I felt and got the courage to try and go back to the loop jump from a "traditional' entry.  Its been taking me to long, its frustrating and I am just at a point that why even bother.

     It finally clicked......
with lots of off ice at home and I saw this video youtube "thinice" he actually showed how to do a loop from an inside edge, so I decided to give a shot.  What clicked for me was when he said "its like the salcow (my favorite jump) when you do the 3 turn you hold the edge and then "jump" it finally clicked!! light bulb moment"

   Here is my loop jump from an FI3T - yes it needs more height but I can work on it for sure...since now I know the timing and the jump itself, its a matter of time to get it where it needs to be "mastered".  Notice my free leg is in front (yeah) and I actually exit the jump nicely too!!! I am so happy and proud of myself considering. (sorry for the blur video).

I was very pleased with myself and have something to work on moving forward.  Doing some PT for my shoulder which is helping and same time getting a second opinion don't want to go the surgery route.  Thank you everyone for your support and during my long absence off the ice.

Happy Skating

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

I had one of those "dreams"

I am pretty sure, that if you are a skater, no matter what level you are you at one point in your life you've have had "one of those dreams" of you skating jump or performing in a spotlight?

Last night I was so tired, mentally and physically that I slept straight through the night, I did, however, I had this dream; "I was in a small area (go figure) with a small sheet of ice and I was surrounded by people I've never met before, and somehow they were asking me about my skating and I said "well, I've been skating for 8 years" and one person asked can you do an axel?  I immediately responded why yes I can, and they said "oh lets see it, show us" and here I go, one after the other, bam bam.  I was in amazement!!

Funny, how you have these dreams - they seem so real and then you wake up and realize "holy crap" it was only a dream!!! It feels like such a disappointment, a let down because I know my axels are not there yet and my lutz needs much work - so why am dreaming that I can?  Its a question, I ask myself over and over - dreams like this happens to often.

Maybe its my subconscious telling me that deep down inside that I can do it but my physically and mentally is telling different?

Enjoy your journey - happy skating

Friday, October 23, 2015

Skating and its limitations

Skated this past Sunday, I had to, was pulling my hair!! Just wanted to feel the coldness and the smell of the ice.

Even though skating with my limitations, have to say that I really enjoyed the ice :)

I managed to just skate around the rink and warm up some silver moves in the field and surprisingly I still have my moves.

I did try some jumps but only to what my shoulder can bare.  Love my salcows and doing them did not cause me any pain, however, the flip and loop = dear lord that was a tough one.

Spins were okay considering I was off the ice since June, my sit spin was a little slow but as I reached my arms forward on the sit spin I felt the pull on my right shoulder.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Its Been A While

Hello everyone!!

I know its been a long while since I posted anything.

Well to be honest I haven't been skating since June - busy with work (health issues) and can't afford to skate or hire coach which is very hard to deal with....but as many have told me "the ice will be there when you are ready to come back"

I have sustained a shoulder injury (non-skating related) that has prevented me from skating.  Doctors say that most likely will need surgery and physical therapy.  Its is recommended that I stay off the ice to reduce any injury to my shoulder.  Really I mostly scared to fall on the ice and land on my right side (shoulder) but I am really considering to just to and skate around the rink to let the cold wind hit my face :)

I've tried to do some off ice at home but really its too painful, for example: when I do a simple loop jump, just by using my set and take off position, my shoulder is severe pain - so now that is a NO  for me.  I did try to get on my spinner and the same thing, using my shoulder and right arm is painful as well.

        SUCH AS :(  I am going bunkers not being able to skate.  :(

This definitely puts a damper on my goals for next year.  Keep a positive outlook that after my surgery I can recuperate and just try and works slowing towards my skating.  Thank you every one for keeping in touch and pray for me that all goes well.

Ice will be there waiting for me!!

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Skating Lesson After a 3 Month Absence

Hello, everyone!!

Yes, its been a while since posted anything really.  With great thought and soul searching, my journey continues as an adult skater.  Though the road is rough and long, I think I still have a little fuel left in me to keep going.

Thursday, April 30, 2015
Had my first lesson in 3 months and I must say - in all sincerity, I was very nervous, had butterflies in stomach and sweaty hands maybe because I did not know what to expect or if I even had it in me. Coach skated with me around the rink and worked on some dance steps and edges to get the ice under me.

We spoke briefly about my goals this skating season, and told her that I really would like to compete at Adult Nationals in Vegas ISI - that is,  and would like test my bronze free skate in August. Well, she was delighted 1. that I am back skating 2. that I have solid goal to work on.

Worked on some creative edges and dance steps, some cross overs with nice edge presentation!!   She wanted to see my spins (sit spin) of course, and bammm - and really nice sit spin, low and several revolutions...woot, woot!!  "let me see your jumps"?
first one
waltz/loop = ok, could be better- hold the edge longer the jump the loop
Sal/toe = very nice
loop = needs work
Flip = clean (rotated) just have to work on check out
Waltz/fallingleaf = I've done them before but not in combination

Next week we will work on the lutz jump, since coach saw my flip - its time to move onto the Lutz (yes!!!)  Well considering my first day back didn't do so bad - it will get better with more practice and patience.
Happy Skating!!